Layla Oresme lives to create, express and uplift.

She has taken pleasure in art since childhood and was born into a family dominated by artistic women who never hesitated to express themselves creatively.

While growing up in Poland, she managed to nurture her own sense of spirituality, drawing inspiration from the church ornate iconolography and the marvellous ceilings covered with paint and gold.

Sometimes her grandmother would buy her art magazines, featuring images of some of the famous Renaissance works which she would absorb and draw inspiration from. She grew fond of the master painters like Leonardo Da Vinci, admiring his broadmindedness and wide spectrum of knowledge. Taking inspiration from those times she began expanding her own knowledge, delving deeply into meditation, metaphysics, and mysticism.

Upon moving to England, she continued drawing, painting, and learning until a profound life change in 2015 lead to her abandoning her art. This creative drought lasted nearly 4 years, but she has emerged stronger and wiser. Finally, ready to express herself again she has leapt with renewed enthusiasm and inspiration into her first painting series.

Layla’s paintings are born of her astral and meditative journeys. This series, Astral Reveries, is a series of paintings which interweave images and symbolism encountered in deep meditation.

She invites her audience to not just look at but enter into the images. Look at them straight and allow yourself to be taken into the paintings. With your mind and imagination stroll through flowery fields and mountains, travel through deserts under starry skies, gaze up at the Moon, and while basking in the Sun’s glow feel a renewed sense of confidence, hope, and optimism.